Rescue The Instruments

Giving New Life To Old Instruments

RESCUE The Instruments seeks to liberate unused musical instruments by putting them into the hands of our students. Our funding helps refurbish and maintain donated instruments and those already owned by the RUSD elementary school band and string programs. To donate your old instruments contact  REP at 909-748-6909

$100,000 Music Allocation

Redlands Educational Partnership’s original commitment to keep the arts alive in schools remains strong. In June 2017, REP approved $100,000 to support instrumental music programs during the 2017-2018 school year at all levels across the district. This one-time allocation was divided between elementary, middle and high school levels.


To help build the elementary music programs, $38,400 was given for the purchase of instruments. One string bass and one baritone was purchased for each of the 16 elementary schools in RUSD. These instruments were needed to h elp ‘fill out’ the orchestra and prepare the students for middle and high school marching band and full orchestra.


The four middle-schools and 4 high schools in RUSD were given $61,600 to purchase instruments to increase the instrument inventory at the secondary level. These schools have seen significant growth in the music programs,and were in need of additional instruments.

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