T.A.G.S. Funding For Enrichment

T.A.G.S. Program applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are now available and can be submitted to REP beginning October 3, 2022.

Technology, Arts, Gardens & Science

Fostering Creativity & Expanding The Mind
Exploring Nature, Learning Technology, & Experimenting With Science

Redlands Educational Partnership (REP) believes strongly in fostering creativity and expanding the mind through exploring nature, learning technology, and experimenting with science. REP’s TAGS (Technology, Arts, Gardens & Science) Funding for Enrichment program is a multifaceted program that provides funding in amounts of up $2500.00 for eligible projects throughout RUSD. Schools work within REP guidelines to select appropriate arts and science enrichment opportunities for their students. Typical cultural arts projects may involve theater, storytelling, music, dance, and painting.


Facilitating science curriculum via supplies, assemblies or field trips is another priority. Investing in technology keeps our students up to date while preparing them to successfully compete in society. The hands-on opportunities in the outdoor classrooms of School Gardens reinforce the sense of responsibility, community, and healthy nutrition.

Principals: T.A.G.S Funding Applications are now available and can be submitted to REP beginning October 3, 2022.

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