Grants For Schools

Amazing Ideas Become Reality

Grants in the amount of up to $4,000 are awarded to teachers and schools for extraordinary or innovative activities and programs that strengthen the teaching and learning process, stimulate creativity or facilitate implementation of school-based projects.

Grants For Schools award winners receive their checks at the RUSD School Board meeting in November for projects to be carried out within the current school year.

2016 Grants For Schools Recipients

The REP Foundation awarded $49,730.82 in grants at the RUSD School Board Meeting on November 15, 2016. RUSD teachers apply annually for grants to enrich their instruction in areas such as the arts, science, music, technology, physical education and language. The grant money is raised annually through the fundraising efforts of the REP Foundation.

Emily Engle

Beattie- $1,149.12 – Where Everybody Belongs Program

Robert Foster

Beattie – $2,580 – 3D Printers for STEM

Roberto Encarnación & Christine Texter

Beattie – $728 – Art Club Materials

Joshua Barnor

Clement – $2,999.12 – Lego Robot Kits

Karen Skoog & Carolyn Cullen

Cope – $3,000 – Where Everybody Belongs Program

Kyra Roghair

Cope – $1,400 – Projection Screen Backdrop & Frame

Holly Hawkins

Crafton – $3,000 – Drought Tolerant Garden

Chris Hearon, Daniel Brown & Cindy Van Horn

Citrus Valley – $2929 – Inspire Choir Equipment

Carol Drake

Kimberly – $3,000 – Robot Cubelets

Andrew Neuenschwander

Lugonia – $3,000 – Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

Steve Walker

Judson Brown, Lugonia & Mission – $1,500 – Suzuki Chimettes and Tone Chimes

Patty Ramirez

McKinley – $1,500 – Author Assembly and Books

Janelle Vecchio

Mission – $1,875– Puzzle Room

Phyllis Lozoya

Orangewood – $2,981 – Science Field Trips

Scott Washburn

REV – $3,000 – Graphing Calculators

Kathleen Johnson

REV – $2,400 – Stagecraft – Act I – Rebuilding

Kathi McNair

REV – $2,710 – “Better Together” – Anti-Bullying Effort

Vanessa Aranda

REV – $3,000 – Enhancing Journalism with Technology

Heather Block

RHS – $2,477.55 – Two Solutions for First Place Program

Scott Freeman

Mariposa, Franklin & Crafton – $1,851.54 – Solar Telescope

Becky Long

Elementary Schools – $3,000 – Musical Instruments

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