Grants For Teachers

The application period for 2020 Grants for Teachers is now closed

Amazing Ideas Become Reality

This year, Grants in the amount of up to $500 will be awarded to teachers for extraordinary or innovative activities and programs that strengthen the teaching and learning process, stimulate creativity or facilitate implementation of school-based projects.

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Grants For Teachers

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Grant winners!

Grants For Teachers

2019-2020 Grants For Schools Recipients

The REP Foundation awarded $40,000 in grants at the RUSD School Board Meeting on November 12, 2019. RUSD teachers apply annually for grants to enrich their instruction in areas such as the arts, science, music, technology, physical education and language. The grant money is raised annually through REP’s fundraising efforts.

Emily Apmadoc

Arroyo Verde, Kingsbury, Highland Grove

$1,750 – Making Music More Fun

Julie Battler

Arroyo Verde

$3,000 – Ceramics

James Bennati & Brandon Hansen


$2,500 – Marching Band

Mike Detrow


$3,000 – Out of the Darkness

Emily Engle


$3,000 – Beyond Four Walls

Robert Foster


$3,000 – Expanding Our Robotic Universe

Lara Hannon

Arroyo Verde

$1,483.60 – Reading Alive

Angel Jones


$2,000 – Community Garden

Kevin Maloney


$3,000 – Bringing the Revolution to Life

Elena Mejico-Dixon

Crafting, Franklin, Mariposa

$2,600 – Music Enrichment

Emily Merchant & Cathy Amparan


$2,202.85 – Prowise All-In-One Board

Doug Porter


$3,000 – Statistically Proven Successful Technology

Kyra Roghair


$2,840.50 – World of Art in the Classroom

Ruth Thompson


$3,000 – STEAM Playground

Robert Winokur

Bryn Mawr, Smiley, McKinley, Victoria

$3,000 – Multicultural Music in our Schools

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