Redlands Educational Partnership: 2022-2023 Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Marilyn Page - President

Cindy Munz - Past President

Jennifer Moore - Vice President

Cathy Faust - Secretary

Linda Macleod - Treasurer

Cindy Calderon - Financial Secretary

Alison Anderson

Greg Fields

David Heiss

Valerie Kaura

Tracy Massimiano

Fred Mendoza

Justin Miles

Jenny Miner

Mallory Mudge

Tim O'Brien

Len Racadio

Lisa Topoleski

Donna West

Mara Winick

Frank Zabaleta

Honorary Board Members

Cherish Bohlman - AAA Academy Director

Melissa Ayala-Quintero - Board of Education, Trustee

Dr. Ken Wagner - Assistant Superintendent RUSD

Advisory Committee

Lloyd & Jan Jacobson

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